39 “Harry Potter” Spin-Off Stories That Really Need To Happen

So. Many. Options.


And as thankful as we are to be blessed with her writing, the stories that she has bestowed upon us are not quite the stories we’ve been praying for since 2007. So we asked the BuzzFeed Community which Harry Potter spinoff book they’d actually like J.K. Rowling to write.




Marauders-era stories.


Marauders-era stories.


“I want to know how James got Lily to go out with him, and just how big a jerk he might have been. I want to know how Sirius dealt with his family disowning him and how he reacted when he was asked to be Harry’s godfather. I want to know how Peter was treated and what brought him to become loyal to Voldemort. I want to know more about Remus’ turning every month and how the guys rallied around him.” – Savannah Moore, Facebook


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Voldemort’s life story.


Voldemort's life story.


“The life story of Voldemort. Following his path to power, and his fall. I’ve always loved the random parts of novels that suddenly give you the perspective of the antagonist. I think it would take a lot of work on Rowling’s part to do that but it would be worth it to fill in the blanks in his life.” – Chris Johnson, Facebook


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Or how about Voldemort as the good guy?


Or how about Voldemort as the good guy?


“Voldemort portrayed as the protagonist. Voldemort is the good guy and is trying to right against the powers of evil that is Dumbledore’s Army. Starting with his upbringing and continuing until his downfall. He dies attempting to make the world a better place.” – Mikey Clemons, Facebook


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