21 Things You Never Knew You Could Donate

Clear your house and help someone in need.

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  • BraRecycling.com accepts old, new or gently used bras and lingere at over 50 drop-off locations throughout the country or by mail. The usable bras are donated to women’s shelters and the rest are recycled into
  • Free The Girls is a non-profit that collects used bras to help women affected by sex trafficking in Africa and Central America. They collect bras at many drop-off locations and by mail.

Read more at Jezebel.

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Stuffed Animals

Stuffed Animals

  • SAFE (Stuffed Animals for Emergencies) collects gently used stuffed toys (as well as books, blankets and kids clothes) and sends them to police and fire departments for use during emergencies like fire, illness and extreme weather-events. Donations are accepted through chapter members listed here or by mail.
  • Project Night-Night collects stuffed animals and other bed-time supplies like books and blankets to make packages for homeless children or children at risk of becoming homeless. They are currently accepting only new and like-new items, through drop-off in Michigan, Ohio and California or by mail to one of those locations.

Sergey Skleznev / Getty Images

Gaming Equipment

Gaming Equipment

*Get Well Gamers brings video games and equipment to children and teens in hospitals. They accept new and used equipment from any gaming system by mail.

Games for Heros sends games and equipment to troops overseas. They accept…

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