We Fed Our Kids Some Of Pinterest’s Most Popular Recipes And This Is What Happened

Three families, nine recipes, and more than a few Pinterest fails.

Jenny Chang/BuzzFeed

As the dad and two moms behind BuzzFeed Parents, we are on Pinterest just about every day — but like most people who love Pinterest, we look at these awe-inspiring recipes a whole lot more than we actually make them. While our colleagues from BuzzFeed Food are literal superheroes in the kitchen, we spend most of our time reheating leftovers for hangry children who don’t have much appreciation for new and exciting recipes.

To find out if Pinterest is good for more than drooling, we challenged ourselves to each test three of Pinterest’s most popular family recipes to see how they fare in the real world. Is Pinterest a real tool for meal planning, or is it just a bunch of pretty pictures? We took our families on a culinary adventure to find out.


Jenny Chang/BuzzFeed



We’re a family of three, but I’m still coming to terms with calling my 6-year-old an only child. (She’s a solo kid, OK? My uterus is enjoying its downtime.) My husband, Scott, and I both work full time, and Delilah’s officially a kindergartener, so the time any of us spend at home is pretty limited. That usually means takeout for dinner, or the few weeknight staples Scott and I have mastered over the years.

Macey Foronda for BuzzFeed

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